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The Chiropractic Business

Running a chiropractic practice entails much more than caring for patients. It is a chiropractic business and therefore must have a strong focus on chiropractic marketing and customer service that will bring new patients in and current patients coming back. According to Kathy Mills Chang of Breakthrough Coaching, "Your practice is a business, and new patients are its life blood. Without new patients, your practice is in a state of decline. If this situation is left unattended, you put your business in jeopardy." (

Many chiropractors struggle with trying to find the best and most efficient way to bring new patients into their practice and keep current patients coming back. Although advertising in the newspaper or yellow pages may prove to be successful at times, these advertisements will, almost always, only appeal to those who are seeking chiropractic care. There is a way to get “non-chiropractic” patients into your office…and keep them coming back. Chiropractors are offering Aquamed® and, as a result, are seeing new patients, more referrals and an increase in patient retention.

Aquamed-HydroMassage® and Chiropractic Marketing

Aquamed Dry Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic modality that helps improve the health and well-being of thousands of people across the country. However, Aquamed’s benefits do not stop there. Unlike other chiropractic products and modalities, Aquamed helps more than just the patient. The Aquamed system improves the well being of the chiropractic business as a whole. Many Aquamed customers give away free sessions on the Aquamed to bring people into their practice- very few people are able to say no to a massage. Gift certificates are also commonly used by Aquamed customers; this provides chiropractic patients with the ability to treat their family and friends to an Aquamed session, providing automatic cash revenue and an opportunity to turn potential patients into actual patients. By using Aquamed as a marketing tool, chiropractors are able to get people in their office who would never have considered being chiropractic patients.

On using the Aquamed to attract new patients, Dr. Randy Trice, an Aquamed owner states “The AquaMED helps to bring patients into my practice that may have never considered chiropractic care. I use the free session coupons from the Aquamed marketing program to hand out at spinal screenings or add to donation baskets. Several coupon recipients will come to my practice to redeem their free session on the Aquamed and they end up becoming chiropractic patients as well. Each new patient the Aquamed brings through the door is worth $1000 to my practice.” Click here to read more about Dr. Randy Trice and his success with Aquamed.

Not only does the Aquamed bring new patients in, it also helps with patient retention. Aquamed owners have noticed a definite increase in the number of visits per patient when a patient’s care plan includes the Aquamed. Dr. William Denman saw a significant increase in retention due to the Aquamed, “There is no doubt that my patients are more willing to follow through with their treatment plans because of the Aquamed. I would say that, on average, the Aquamed promotes 5 additional appointments per patient that would not have continued if not for the bed.” Click here to learn more about Dr. William Denman

The Aquamed is more than a therapeutic modality, it works as attention grabbing, marketing tool used to bring new patients in and keep current patients for a longer period of time. It is the perfect tool for those both beginning their chiropractic business and those wishing to expand their chiropractic business. With Aquamed massage beds, the possibilities are endless for your chiropractic business.

To learn more about building your chiropractic practice with Aquamed, click here.

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