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AquaMED (HydroMassage), "The Best Daily Massage"
is a brand of JTL Enterprises, with its headquarters in
Clearwater, Florida. JTL was developed in 1989 to
manufacture new and innovative products that bring
comfort, relief and relaxation to people all over
the world.

Our customers operate AquaMED (HydroMassage) in chiropractic
offices, fitness clubs, tanning salons, beauty salons,
day and medical spas, hotels, malls, corporate centers,
for personal use and more.

Water Massage Beds  AquaMED Production Floor

Our Brand Integration

In late 2008, JTL Enterprises announced plans to integrate our two, then separate brands, AquaMED and HydroMassage water massage beds to form one all-inclusive brand, under the name of HydroMassage. The medical brand, AquaMEDhad been successful with in the medical market for over 20 years, serving many fields in the medical industry. AquaMED was designed to assist with treatments of a wide range of muscle and circulatory disorders. HydroMassage, conversely had been a pioneer in the leisure markets for many years.

Both AquaMED and HydroMassage products have been designed based on thorough research and customer feedback over the 20 years in business. This ensures a continuous drive to produce the highest-quality and most technologically advanced products and features available.

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The AquaMED-HydroMassage Difference!

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