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Aquamed®’s Product Line

Aquamed Dry Hydrotherapy is the premier provider of Aquamed equipment and Aquamed products. The Aquamed machines combine the healing powers of water, heat and massage in a single Aquamed product, providing the user with the most relaxing deep-tissue massage on the market. Aquamed equipment may be found in the offices of chiropractors, physical therapists and medical spas all over the world. Aquamed’s product line include the AM200 Aquamed machine, the AM100 Aquamed machine, and the Aquamed Touchscreen.

AM200 Aquamed Machine

This AM200 Aquamed machine is the most powerful dry hydrotherapy bed on the market. At 38 pounds per square inch of pressure, this Aquamed product uses heat and water jets to provide the user with a powerful, deep tissue massage. This Aquamed product is an open design which allows the user to massage all sides of their body, while being comfortably supported by a rubber barrier. Using Aquamed’s technologies, this Aquamed machine travels up and down the body and is able to stay in between two parameters specified by the physician to maximize the therapeutic benefit to the patient. This Aquamed machine also has 10 pressure settings ranging from light pressure to high pressure; this Aquamed technology feature allows for the Aquamed product to accommodate a large range of patients.

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AM100 Aquamed Machine

Similar to the AM200 Aquamed product, this AM 100 Aquamed machine uses water, heat and massage to provide a soothing massage for the patient. However, this AM100 Aquamed product has less pressure than the AM200 Aquamed machine and uses pulsating jets to direct streams of water to provide a tapotement massage.

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Aquamed TouchScreen

Another one of Aquamed’s outstanding technologies, the Aquamed Touchscreen was introduced in 2006 and is used in conjunction with the AM200 Aquamed product. The Aquamed Touchscreen is a 15” interactive system that controls the AM200 Aquamed machine . This Aquamed technology allows the physician to program unlimited preset programs so that each patient will have a customized therapy on the Aquamed machine. The Aquamed Touchscreen allows patients to read patient education, listen to relaxing music, and browse health related websites and articles all while enjoying a relaxing, therapeutic massage on the AM200 Aquamed product.

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Aquamed Chiller Product

Another of Aquamed’s products is the Aquamed cooling system. This Aquamed product is the only advanced cooling system on the market which allows for continuous usage of the Aquamed machine throughout all office hours. The external cooling system may be placed in an adjacent room, ceiling, basement, etc.

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