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Who can succeed with an AquaMED-HydroMssageģ hydro bed?

How much current / future traffic is required to ensure your hydro massage bedís success?
Do you have the right traffic flow to have success? Here is the math: AquaMED hydro massage beds generally cost somewhere around $19,900. By financing your purchase over a 5 year period, your monthly payment will fall somewhere around $400-430, based on your credit history. If you facility is open just 5 days a week, your ownership cost per day would be approximately $20. Now, for the upside. Based on the feedback from our customers nationwide, most doctors are charging approximately $20-$25 for a 15 minute session on an Aquamed hydro massage bed. So, the cost of your purchase per day would be covered by putting only one patient per day on the bed. Even better, many of our doctors are putting 20-30 patients on the bed per day; this translates to thousands of dollars of revenue per month directly from the AquaMED!

You must also take a look at your surrounding environment. Do you have any large businesses that may be a source of new customers? How about any sports complexes, clubs, or associations? An AquaMED customer in Florida sold nearly $3,000 in gift certificates to a large financial services firm that was looking for new ideas for employee appreciation gifts. Analyze your immediate surroundings before deciding to make a purchase.

How big does my facility need to be?
An AquaMED hydro massage bed is not a small piece of equipment (although some people do purchase a hydro massage bed for their home). A separate room is ideal for this equipment, because it creates a quiet and comfortable atmosphere; however it is not a must. Look-up the specs and measure out the area in your facility where you are planning to put the bed. Do you have enough space? Do you have room for people to comfortably get on and off the bed? We generally recommend dedicating an 8 x 10 area in your facility for the bed. Not sure if you have enough room? Call and ask to speak with one of our technicians.

80/20 Rule
Based on the customer testimonials (click here to read customer testimonials) that we have collected over the years, we know the financial results that are achievable with an AquaMED hydro bed. We also know that 20% of our customers probably account for 80% of all revenue earned from AquaMED hydro massage beds worldwide. Why? These customers donít plug in the bed and wait for their patients to open their wallets. They are active in promoting their new device. Most of the marketing concepts we promote came from these successful customers. Realize that in order to have success with this product, you need to be proactive in your marketing efforts.

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