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Generating revenue with your Aquamed«-HydroMassage« Massage Table

How do I generate revenue?

Following your purchase, the new AquaMED massage spa table provides a variety of income generating opportunities. By implementing most or all of these ideas, you can ensure that the AquaMED is a profitable addition to your practice.

The following are three ways to generate revenue:

1) Charge per minute/session
Charge a specific dollar amount on a per minute or per session basis. Most of our customers have success charging between $1.00 and $1.50 per minute for a session on the massage table.
"The AquaMED beds are a great source of revenue for my facility. I charge $20 for a 15 minute session"-Sandra M., AquaMED owner

2) Sell Gift Certificates, Multiple Session Cards, Packages
Utilize the given marketing examples, such as the gift certificates and multiple session cards to sell sessions in a variety of dollar and minute amounts. Offer packages combining AquaMED massage table sessions with other products or services offered at your facility.
**One customer sold $4,500 worth of Gift Certificates over the winter holiday, while another sold $1,800 for Valentine's Day alone!"

3) Insurance Reimbursement
AquaMED is listed with the FDA as a Physical Medicine Mechanical Massage Device. The AMA recommends CPT code 97039, unlisted modality. Please understand that we are a manufacturer and are unable to recommend codes. Reimbursement varies by carrier and location, however our doctors are typically charging, on average, $20-$25 for a 15 minute session.

4) Increased Patient Referrals
Many of our customers notice a dramatic increase in patient referrals to their practice that come directly from the AquaMED, ultimately resulting in an increase in revenue for their practice.
"I have found a direct correlation between the new patient referrals I receive and the patients who use the bed. Without a doubt, I receive 10 new patient referrals per month directly from the AquaMED. Each one of the new referrals is equivalent to $1500 per referral to my clinic" ŚMark S., DC

5) Increased Patient Retention
Many medical professionals know that patient compliance is a difficult issue to deal with as many patients are not motivated to continue their treatment once they begin to feel better. However, our customers have noticed that since introducing the AquaMED into their practice, their patients are more likely to complete their prescribed therapy.
"My average patient retention increased from 8-9 to 11-12 treatments per patient, which led to a 30% growth in my practice"--Dennis E.,PT

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