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Aquamed®-HydroMassage® Massage Therapy Equipment

Many Aquamed owners use the Aquamed as a replacement for their massage therapist or as an adjunct to a massage therapist. Aquamed provides a therapeutic, warm water massage for patients. Chiropractors have found that this type of massage therapy equipment can be just as beneficial to their patients as a massage therapist. In fact, many patients prefer the Aquamed over a massage therapist.

Some of the benefits of Aquamed over massage therapists:

1. Aquamed is one less person to manage

With Aquamed, chiropractors or other business owners have a massage product to manage, not another person. This is especially important to chiropractic practices with more than 10 employees. Dr. Schmall of Healthy Life Chiropractic in Rock Island, Illinois, says of Aquamed "It has replaced one of the massage therapists in my clinic. It is the perfect employee; it doesn’t call in sick, it works its hardest everyday and it doesn’t need a vacation!" Click here to read more about Dr. Schmall and why he loves managing his Aquamed.

2. Patients do not have to disrobe with Aquamed

Some patients are uncomfortable taking off their clothes in front of a massage therapist. With Aquamed, patients enjoy their massage fully clothed and alone. In fact, "Patients love that they not only can keep their clothes on, but that they can have a massage as an on-going therapeutic application because they can afford it!" says Dr. Bianchi of Union Village Chiropractic in Cheektowaga, New York, of the Aquamed. Click here to read more about Dr. Bianchi and his fully clothed patients.

3. The Aquamed provides consistent therapy

Unlike a human, the Aquamed can provide the same massage to the last patient of the day as it did to the first patient of the day, providing consistent therapeutic benefit to the patient and never getting tired. Dr. Draeger of Draeger Chiropractic and Laser Center says, "Hands down, the AquaMED is a ton better than an MT because it adds heat, more power, it never gets tired and it can reach all of the major muscle groups." Click here to read more about Dr. Draeger and his "always working" Aquamed.

4. The Aquamed runs all day long

Due to its robust design, the Aquamed is able to efficiently run all day long. This means more patients get the benefit of massage therapy than possible with a massage therapist. Dr. Royston of Carolina Spinal Care in Winston Salem, North Carolina says, "Massage therapists get sick; have maternity leave…things happen. This doesn’t happen with the AquaMED; it's waiting for people all day long and ours is filled from the time we open until the time we close." Click here to read more about Dr. Royston.

Although some Aquamed customers use Aquamed massage equipment as a replacement for massage therapy, Aquamed massage products also work well as an adjunct to therapy from a massage therapist. In fact, many chiropractors use Aquamed to warm a patient up before sending them to the massage therapist to allow for deep-tissue therapy. This also helps provide relief for the massage therapist, making it easier for them to properly massage the patient.

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