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  • Alternative Pain Management - The AquaMED® combines massage and heat therapies in one modality to provide a therapeutic experience for the patient suffering from back pain. Alternative pain management such as chiropractic care, physical therapy and massage may help to increase circulation, relax muscles, reduce spasms, lower blood pressure and increase oxygenation...more
  • Chiropractic Massage Beds - Chiropractic massage beds differ from regular massage by providing the patients with a therapeutic massage without having to disrobe or be touched by another person. AquaMED helps to provide relief for the chiropractors by loosening the muscles of their patients prior to a chiropractic treatment...more
  • Chiropractic Massage Tables - There are several types of massage tables that are used within the chiropractic industry such as chiropractic massage roller spinalator tables, chiropractic massage tables, chiropractic motorized massage tables, chiropractic water massage tables and more. Learn the pros and cons of all these tables...more
  • Chiropractic Patient Management - Aquamed Dry Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic modality that helps improve the health and well-being of thousands of people across the country. However, Aquamed’s benefits do not stop there. Unlike other chiropractic products and modalities, Aquamed helps more than just the patient...more
  • Dry Hydrotherapy Treatments - Dry hydrotherapy (dry water massage) is a form of therapy that combines the healing powers of water, heat and massage in a single system. The purpose of Dry Hydrotherapy is to provide the therapies of whirlpool, heat, and massage in a single system without the inconvenience of getting wet...more
  • AquaMED Touchscreen - Aquamed Dry Hydrotherapy is the premier provider of Aquamed equipment and Aquamed products. The Aquamed machines combine the healing powers of water, heat and massage in a single Aquamed product, providing the user with the most relaxing deep-tissue massage on the market...more
  • Hydro Beds - Based on the feedback from our customers nationwide, most doctors are charging approximately $20-$25 for a 15 minute session on an Aquamed hydro massage bed. So, the cost of your purchase per day would be covered by putting only one patient per day on the bed...more
  • HydroMassage® Tanning Beds - HydroMassage products work best in salons that offer other “spa-related” services to their customers…and…it’s no coincidence that these are the salons that are really successful. Examples of other spa-related services that we’re seeing used in tanning salons are facial light therapy, sauna/aromatherapy, hydro massage, and manicure/pedicure...more
  • HydroMassage Health Spa Equipment - People go to a spa to relax and be pampered, which is why spas offer health spa equipment facials, body treatments, facials, hair and nail services, and most importantly…hydro massage spas...more
  • Massage and Fibromyalgia - Some of the most common issues that chiropractic patients are looking for relief from are fibromyalgia, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and sciatica. Below is a listing of these syndromes and the benefit massage has in providing relief to the patients who have to live with the pain and discomfort on a daily basis...more
  • Massage Tables for Spa - Following your purchase, the new AquaMED massage spa table provides a variety of income generating opportunities. By implementing most or all of these ideas, you can ensure that the AquaMED is a profitable addition to your practice...more
  • Massage Therapy Equipment - Many Aquamed owners use the Aquamed as a replacement for their massage therapist or as an adjunct to a massage therapist. Aquamed provides a therapeutic, warm water massage for patients. Chiropractors have found that this type of massage therapy equipment can be just as beneficial to their patients as a massage therapist...more
  • Physical therapy Exercises - Physical therapy specializes in the rehabilitation of patients who have limited or no mobility following an injury, sickness or loss of a body part. Physical therapy programs utilize special physical therapy products and exercises to treat and prevent prolonged physical disability...more
  • Sports Massage Therapy - Massage has become an integral part in the lives of athletes participating in sports today. From high school to professional to Olympic athletes, athletic trainers are prescribing sports massage therapy to aid in the healing of muscles following a workout or athletic event...more
  • Water Massage Therapy Bed - One of the most important things to remember when buying an AquaMED massage bed is the importance that marketing plays in your success. If you are not willing to create awareness among current and potential patients, your AquaMED massage therapy bed will most likely be unsuccessful...more

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