Massage in Sports

Why is Massage important in athletics?

Massage has become an integral part in the lives of athletes participating in sports today. From high school to professional to Olympic athletes, athletic trainers are prescribing sports massage therapy to aid in the healing of muscles following a workout or athletic event. However, according to Holistic Online, in addition to advancing the muscle healing process, “trainers believe that sports massage therapy actually helps to provide athletes with an extra edge while competing in high performance sports (” Recently, massage has gone from a relaxing, “feel good” activity to one with genuine, therapeutic qualities.

What are the benefits of sports massage therapy?

According to Holistic Online, massage therapy can:
reduce the chance of injury, through proper stretching and event preparation, and through deep tissue massage;
improve range of motion and muscle flexibility, resulting in improved power and performance; shorten recovery time between workouts;
maximize the supply of nutrients and oxygen through increased blood flow;
enhance elimination of metabolic by-products of exercise (

Aquamed for sports massage therapy

Although deep tissue massage is very beneficial to athletes, some massage therapists are unable to provide a full-body, deep-tissue therapeutic massage consistently. As a result, some athletic trainers are turning to Aquamed to provide a deep-tissue, consistent water pressure massage to their athletes. Dr. Draeger, a trainer in Michigan states, "hands down, the AquaMED is a ton better than a massage therapist because it adds heat, more power, it never gets tired and it can reach all of the major muscle groups. The AquaMED also allows my athletes to focus on specific areas of their body that need attention for a longer period of time."

In fact, Dr. Curt Draeger, who recently opened a resort that caters to the training and recovery of professional and Olympic athletes, says "I have found that the AquaMED is the most powerful deep tissue massage you can find". Draeger uses the Aquamed for his athletes both prior and post workout, “If the bed is used pre-workout, fewer injuries will occur because the blood supply is brought deep into the muscle, giving it all of the oxygenated blood it needs to do the activity. The AquaMED is great for post-workout as well because it cleans out the lactic acid in the muscle, providing for a faster recovery time”.

To read more about Dr. Draeger’s Olympic Athletes and their success with Aquamed, click here.

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