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Marketing your massage bed

How to be successful with your water massage therapy bed

First, why is marketing needed?

One of the most important things to remember when buying an AquaMED® massage bed is the importance that marketing plays in your success. If you are not willing to create awareness among current and potential patients, your AquaMED massage therapy bed will most likely be unsuccessful. Even with the right practice and a substantial amount of traffic, your patients cannot purchase what they do not know exists.

Second, how do I market the bed?

Unlike some companies in the industry who believe that the purchase ends the relationship; AquaMED understands the importance of promoting the bed, and provides the material and suggestions to help you achieve success. Each AquaMED massage therapy bed purchase comes complete with a marketing kit, which includes a marketing plan and a CD of marketing materials ready for future printing. We are constantly developing new marketing strategies and materials based on feedback from our most successful customers as well as concepts developed by our in-house marketing department.
"The marketing kit that comes along with the AquaMED bed is the best marketing kit I've seen with a piece of equipment I've purchased!"-Allen B., PT

Here are a few examples of successful strategies:

10 Marketing strategies for success

1) Free Session Cards
This marketing tool is a small, business-size card with “Free 15 Minute Massage” and a picture of the bed thermal massage bed printed on the front. The reverse of the card leaves room for the name and address of your practice, the time(s) of day the cards will be accepted, a representative or employee’s name, and any slogan you may wish to incorporate.

Suggestions: An easy way to promote the bed – give away free trials! Give them to your employees and patients so that they may hand them out to family and friends. This is a perfect opportunity to drive more traffic to your facility, helping to not only promote your AquaMED bed, but also your facility and the other services you may offer. It is also beneficial for you to have some of these coupons on hand at all times to hand out at business meetings, parties, etc. Important to remember: once your bed is installed, giving sample massages doesn’t cost you much, so keep it running-put everyone who comes into your facility on the AquaMED, even if they are not a patient.
"Not only do I put my patients on, but if they come in with a sibling, friend, or parent, I put them on the bed too. It is an opportunity to gain another patient as they only have to try it once before they fall in love with it!"-Michael T., DC

2) Multiple session punch cards
Multiple Session Punch cards are 2-sided business sized cards that have an area for your practice name, address, and dollar amount of the sessions purchased, as well as circles at the bottom of the card to track the sessions.

Suggestions: Keep several of these on hand. When you have a patient who expresses interest in the AquaMED, offer a multiple session punch card and express the value of purchasing a larger quantity at once for a discounted price. If you generally charge $15 for a 15 minute session, you may want to sell a 5 session punch card for $50. This provides immediate cash flow for your practice and a discount to your patients.
"I sell the included multiple session punch cards as 5, 20 minute sessions for $140!"-Allen B., PT

3) Gift Certificates
Gift certificates for AquaMED are perfect for unique birthday or holiday gifts. They are also a great form of revenue to you; especially if the recipient becomes a new patient. Gift certificates provided have room for the logo, name and address of your practice and any additional promotional message you might want to add. They also have an area to either type or write in the name of the recipient and the dollar or minute amount of the gift.

Suggestions: These may be sold on or off premises. Contact local businesses and attend local business meetings, school meetings, sporting events, and other group activities to generate new sales opportunities. AquaMED sessions are always a great gift, but even better is giving the recipient the control over the session, guaranteeing a satisfying experience.
**One customer sold $4,500 worth of Gift Certificates over the winter holidays, while another sold $1,800 for Valentine’s Day alone!

4) Gift Certificate Flyers
Gift certificate flyers promote the sale of gift certificates for major holidays and gift giving events. The flyers have room for you logo, name and address, as well as, other promotional messages / offers.

Suggestions: Place the gift certificate flyers in the brushed silver frame provided on your front desk or entryway to promote the sale of Gift Certificates. Hand-deliver them to the local grocery store (and, while there, give the manager a free session coupon!), drop them off to other local business offices or complexes for posting, or use it as a direct mail piece to existing or potential patients.

5) Coupon Books
AquaMED customers have indicated success from selling coupon books that they created for AquaMED sessions. The goal is to offer a large quantity of sessions for sale that may be redeemed individually by different people.

Suggestions: Consider approaching large companies in your area to sell these books. When the company purchases the book from you, you realize the cash flow immediately, and they can pass them out as employee appreciation rewards when they see fit.

6) Posters
Two large posters (sized 20”x30”) which advertise the Gift Certificates and the Multiple Session Punch Cards help increase awareness of the AquaMED bed in your facility.

Suggestions: Place the "Relaxed?" poster in the room where the AquaMED bed is located. It states, "It doesn’t end here" and suggests purchasing Gift Certificates for a friend and multiple session cards for themselves to guarantee future massages. The “Answer to Relaxation” is ideal for placing in the entryway to generate excitement over the AquaMED bed. It leaves an area for your logo and once again, suggests purchasing multiple session cards and Gift Certificates.

7) Informational Brochures
These tri-fold brochures provide information related to the benefits of AquaMED sessions and answers to frequently asked questions about the AquaMED experience. These brochures provide room for you to add your logo, business information and additional offerings or slogans.

Suggestions: Place the brochures on your front desk to generate awareness among potential patients about the AquaMED bed. Also, take them to the local businesses and meetings to promote your practice and the products or services you offer.

8) Se

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